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Sip on local real ales or try delicious craft beers at the source with guided brewery tours and tastings, and learn the art of brewing from grain to glass. From tours of Britain's oldest brewer, to hidden micro breweries, it's time to kick back and raise a glass to some of England's finest brewers.

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Ratio - 7:9

From the hop growing regions of Kent, to the local brews of the Peak District & Derbyshire, the UK's beer producing heritage has been established for centuries. 

Take a tour of one of the many breweries on our list and you'll discover what it takes to make beer from just four ingredients, and even have the chance to sip a few brews while you're there. From local craft breweries, to some of the UK's most renowned brewers, our shortlist is the perfect place to discover what goes into some of those favourite English ales and IPAs. 

Kent is home to Britain's oldest brewery, Shepherd Neame.

Thornbridge Brewery in the Peak District is set in the beautiful gardens of Thornbridge Hall.

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Brewery tours
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